2018-2019 Board Members & Library Staff Liaison


Larry Adler

I retired as Director of Mathematics and Science for the Belmont Public Schools, and am currently working part-time as a university mathematics instructor. A lifelong reader, I look forward to imparting my skills and energy to the Cambridge Public Libraries. This year I am focusing my efforts on the 2018 Secret Garden Tour.


Stephanie Berk

A major part of my childhood, growing up in Cambridge, was spent at the Library. It continues to be one of my favorite places, as is true for my kids. I founded and ran a Metro-Boston residential cleaning company for two decades. My employees were recent immigrants all in need of language fluency. CPL was a haven for them, their kids and extended families. I remain involved with several Cambridge non-profit agencies and committed in support of refugees and DACA immigrants. CPL is a wonderful paragon of what makes Cambridge a great city.


Hetal Bhatt    

One thing that stands out and makes Cambridge so different from other cities, is the strong sense of community here. As an avid reader and a lover of real books, I was delighted to discover the Cambridge Public Library and when the opportunity presented itself to to be a part of the library community and give back, it was hard to pass. I am excited and proud to be a part of this community and of all the great things to come.


Todd Case

As a child growing up in the rural Midwest, the local library helped me imagine a life outside of the agricultural bubble I grew up in and introduced me to leaders such as Frederick Douglas, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Tecumseh and General William Tecumseh Sherman. Reading about these heroes (and memorable characters) lead me to win one of the summer reading contests for most books read. It also introduced me to the power that science has, particularly on preventing and curing disease. That interest led me to study Epidemiology and to an almost 20+ year and counting career in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech sector. In addition, I have a six year old daughter who also wants to be a scientist (at least for now) and spends hours at the Cambridge Public Library each week – often racking up past due books because she can’t bear the thought of turning them back in. I’ve lived in the Boston area for almost 8 years, and when I was looking for housing I knew I wanted to live in Cambridge after I saw the library lit up one night. I’m thrilled to be a new member.


Clara Dawley

I have always found the library to be a special place and particularly enjoyed volunteering for a library summer reading program while growing up. An Oregonian native, I went to Boston College and have since been living in Cambridge working in consulting and corporate strategy. When I am not exploring the collections at the library, I am trying new recipes with my crock-pot, watching the Oregon football team, or hiking. 


Terry Delancey

My first experience with Cambridge Public Library was more than 30 years ago bringing children to the bookmobile parked near a neighborhood playground. The Library has been a resource in my work and a joy in my life ever since. I am retired from my position as Executive Director of Agassiz Baldwin Community, a job I held for over 30 years. I still spend many hours at the Library, in book groups, on art activities and working on many community projects.


Katinka Hakuta

Beyond the joy I get from having access to such an incredible collection of books and other material right in my own neighborhood through the Cambridge Public Library, I am continually inspired by the CPL's commitment to diversity, social justice, and lifelong learning for all. After being a CPL patron for more than five years, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the community and mission of the library through the Friends association, bringing marketing, communications, and outreach experience to the board. Because as Katherine Hepburn said, "What in the world would we do without our libraries?"


Michael Omenazu

Originally from Chicago, IL, I have lived in the Greater Boston area for the last six years and in Cambridge for the last two. I am dedicated to community building and believe the Cambridge Public Library serves as a critical tool in accomplishing that goal. I especially appreciate its diversity of resources and how they are made available to the equally diverse population of the Republic of Cambridge.


Sara Reisman

After moving to Cambridge in 1976, a top priority was to apply for a library card. Reading has always been one of the great joys of my life. Every time I walk into the library, I am in awe of the wealth of activities and services offered. Most impressive is that public libraries are still totally free. My finance and management background (in both work and volunteer situations) seems to be a good fit with the Friends Board. I look forward to using my past experience to help ensure the continuation of the Cambridge Library's high level of services to Cambridge.


M.K. Wong

As a native New Yorker, one of my favorite activities as a child was going to our neighborhood library to borrow books from my school's summer reading list. Since then, I’ve never stopped enjoying where a good book can take me, and now share my love of many authors with my father! As manager of a gift store and studio teaching Nantucket Basket Weaving, I have gotten to know many members of the Cambridge community. Wanting to become more involved in the community led me to the Friends Board of the Cambridge Public Library. I frequently stop by the Library after work or on my days off to peruse the shelves and enjoy the quiet open space. Much of my volunteer work has been helping organizations create special events to engage the greater community. I look forward to working with the Library to further its mission.

Maria McCauley, Director of Libraries and Board Member Ex Officio


Maria McCauley has served as Director of Libraries for the City of Cambridge since August 2016. She began her library career 17 years ago at the Cambridge Public Library in Circulation and Reference Services. Before returning to Cambridge, Maria served as the Director of Libraries in Santa Monica, Director of Libraries for the City of Somerville, and held several library positions at Northeastern University.

Maria received a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University, a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and has received her PhD from Simmons. She is an elected American Library Association (ALA) Councilor-At-Large. Her research has been published in College & Research LibrariesLibrary Management and portal.


Paula Kozlowski, Library Staff Liaison


When I moved from Toronto to Cambridge in early 2015, I quickly found my neighborhood CPL branch and got my library card. The one thing I knew to do to re-create normalcy for myself in a new city, and a new country, was to establish my local connection to my life-long friends- books!